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PEUGEOT 306 PLIP – Remote Key Programming

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PEUGEOT 306 PLIP - Remote Key Programming

The Peugeot 306 had three phases:

1993 – Phase 1 – Identifiable by louvred front grille. Remote type is Infra red with an LED on the fob. Immobilser is via keypad inside vehicle (unless most basic model).

1997 (late) – Phase 2 – Identifiable by one piece grill and lower bumpers now body coloured. The remote type is infra red with an LED on the fob. The remote, although similar in operation to the phase 1, now contains a transponder chip for the immobiliser. The casing of the remote fob is also slightly thicker than the phase 1.

1999 – Phase 3 – Identifiable by completely colour coded bumpers. The remote type is now Radio Frequency (RF). There is no LED on the remote fob.

306 PLIP PROGRAMMING (For Infra Red Model Only*)

This procedure will work with any 306 Infra Red fob, either originally supplied with vehicle, new or secondhand from another 306.

1. Turn the Ignition switch to the accessory position using the key without the remote plip attached.

2. Hold the Plip key close to the central locking receiver mounted in the roof console.

3. Press the large plip button and then the small plip button on the remote.

4. Repeat for second Plip key if required.

5. Turn the ignition OFF.

6. After 5 seconds the Plip should now operate.

306 PLIP RE-SYNCHING (For RF models only)

For late RF model keys if your remote should stop working (due to changing the battery or pressing the remote too many times out of range) you can try re-synchronising it by doing the following (note – must be original fob supplied with vehicle):

1.Switch off the ignition

2. Switch on the ignition

3. Immediately after switching on the ignition, press the large remote button

4. The remote should now be working again.

* Peugeot used the Infra Red (IR) Key system on the 306 between 1993 and 1999 (Phase 1 & 2). On the IR system you can reprogram your existing key or a new or secondhand key from another 306 model with the above instructions. On the phase 3 model of the Peugeot 306 (1999/2000), a wireless RF system was introduced where the key does not need to be pointed at the receiver in the car. These later wireless remotes can be re-synchronised if they are the original remote supplied with the vehicle but new remotes or ones from other cars must be reprogrammed by a specialist.

The Infra Red remote is easily recognisable by the clear bulb near the key blade. There are two types of casing one slightly thicker (phase 2) than the other. The thicker phase 2 key remote houses a transponder chip as well.

** Note that the above procedure only programs/reprograms the remote part of the key, it will not reprogram the transponder in the key to disable the immobiliser. Phase 2 Peugeot 306s onwards a transponder system was introduced into the key.

PEUGEOT 306 PLIP – Remote Key Programming

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