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Fiat Bravo & Brava Key Remote Control Programming

1. You will need the 4 digit security code for the vehicle (normally supplied on a card when new)

2. Locate the button in the interior light assembly, next to an LED and near the ultrasonic part of the alarm. Press the button for about a second and the LED will flash.

3. Release the button

4. After approx 5 seconds the LED will flash once

5. Enter the first digit of the security code by pressing the button the required number of times.

6. Now wait for about 5 seconds and the LED will flash once. Enter the second digit of the security code as above- if one of the digits is a zero, do not press the button at all and wait for the single flash requesting the next digit.

7. If all the numbers are entered correctly the LED will flash for 10 seconds. Whilst the LED is flashing, press and hold the button. The LED will continue to flash until you press a button of a remote- it will then remain on.

8. Release button of remote and the one in the interior light.

9. Repeat for subsequent remotes