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Ford Transit Key Remote Control Programming (2000.5MY)

1. Close all the doors.

2. Turn Ignition key from position 0 to II eight times within 10 seconds.

3. Make sure the vehicle locks and unlocks the doors.

4. Press the remote transmitter button within 20 seconds., and make sure the vehicle locks and unlocks all the doors.

5. Up to 20 seconds is allowed to programme the next remote transmitter.

6. To programme additional remote transmitters, repeat steps 4 and 5.

7. Turn the ignition key to position 0 to exit the programming mode.

Note : Maximum 4 remote transmitters may be programmed.

Note : . Ensure the vehicle battery is fully charged and the anti-theft alarm system is not armed or triggered.

Note : If programming ends with no new remote transmitters, the originals are retained.

Note : The anti-theft alarm and double locking module will exit programming mode automatically if four new remote transmitters have been programmed or if no new remote transmitter has been programmed within the 20 second programming mode.