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1.Sit in car with doors,bonnet and boot lids closed

2. Start car. shut off car. remove key, wait 90 seconds

3. Switch ignition on. wait 15 seconds until immob. light in clock goes out. Cycle key off then on. Wait 15 seconds until this light starts to blink.

4. with light flashing you can now enter the four digit code. Example: to code 6 turn key off on off on 6 times. Then leave key on until light comes on again. Now you can enter the second digit and so on. At the end of this leave the key on.

5. If code is accepted light will start to flash

6. With the key in the on position, push and hold each remote one at a time until the led’s in the doors flash. You get one minute to tune the remotes.

You must redo all the remotes.