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These procedures will work with certain Rover car models, unspecified as yet.

Method 1:

1. Lock car by using key in lock
2. Move out of range and press button on fob for 5 secs.
3. Unlock car door with key but do not open door
4. Standing near the vehicle, press the dotted button 4 times very quickly, the door should lock
5. Then press the unlock button and door should unlock.

Method 2:

1. Remove remote battery and press any button on the remote to remove any charge left.
2. Standing near the vehicle, re-insert remote battery and quickly press the Unlock button 5 times quickly.
3. Remote should now be operational

Rover Metro 3AS Remotes:

1. System must be disarmed first, turn the ignition on and then off within 3
1. Open the tailgate and leave it open
2. Again, turn the ignition on and then off within 3 seconds.
3. If the procedure has been done correctly, the horn will sound briefly and the
alarm LED will come on and stay on.
4. Press the button of the first plip to be coded, the fob LED will come on, go off
and come back on again. If the 3AS unit accepts that plip, the alarm LED will
go off briefly and come back on.
5. Repeat this last procedure to code another plip, the maximum allowed is
6. Exit the learning mode by turning the ignition back on.