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Toyota Remote Control Programming (Early Models)

1. The vehicle should be in the following condition-
A. The key is NOT in-
serted in the ignition,
B. The driver’s door IS open,
C. The driver’s door is

2. Insert the Key into the ignition switch and then pull it out. 

3. Press the Master Door Lock Switch  5 times from Lock to Unlock.

4. Close the Driver’s door then open it. 

5. Repeat step #3. 

6. Now select the mode by inserting the key into the Ignition Switch and turning it to the “Run” or “On” position. The programming mode is determined by the amount of times you go from “key off” to the “key on” position and back before pulling the key out. 
A. 1 time is the “Add” mode. This is used only on some models and it allows you to add a remote to the already existing remotes. The ECU confirms this by locking and unlocking the door locks automatically after you remove the key.
B. 2 times is the second mode which will erase all previously programmed remotes and allow you to program new ones. The ECU confirms this mode by locking and unlocking the door locks twice after you remove the key 
C. 3 times is the third mode which tells you how many remotes are already programmed to the ECU. It confirms this locking and unlocking the door locks the amount of times applicable to the remotes coded. If no remotes are programmed then the ECU locks and unlocks the door locks 5 times. The ECU will hold up to 4 remotes at any one time. 
7.  Press the Lock and Unlock buttons on the remote simultaneously for 1.5 sec and then press either button by itself for 1 sec. 

8. The ECU will perform the Lock/Unlock automatically to confirm that the 1st remote is stored by the ECU. Repeat step 7 immediately with another remote and continue until all remotes are registered. 

9. Shut the driver’s door and try all remotes.